UWC scholarship for Afghan high school students

UWC scholarship for Afghan high school students

بورسیه UWC برای متعلیمین دوره لیسه مکاتب
کمیته ملی UWC افغانستان از درخواستی های دانشجویانی افغان که در حال حاضر در افغانستان و یا در کشورهای دیگر به عنوان پناهنده زندگی می کنند، استقبال می کند. لطفاً توجه داشته باشید، اگر شما مقیم دائم یا شهروند کشور دیگری غیر از افغانستان هستید، واجد شرایط درخواست از طریق کمیته ملی UWC افغانستان نیستید. لطفاً از طریق کمیته ملی که در آن شهروند هستید یا اقامت دائم دارید درخواست دهید.
توجه داشته باشید که روند درخواست در سال جاری به طور کامل به صورت آنلاین انجام خواهد شد. این بدان معناست که شما می توانید از هر کجا که هستید درخواست دهید.
فقط متقاضیانی که بین 1 آگوست 2004 تا 15 اوت 2008 متولد شده اند، واجد شرایط درخواست هستند.
آخرین مهلت درخواست پنج شنبه، 1 دسامبر 2022، ساعت 23:59 به وقت کابل.
به درخواست های دیرهنگام رسیدگی نخواهد شد، همچنان به درخواستهای ناقص ترتیب اثر داده نمی شود.

The UWC National Committee of Afghanistan welcomes applications from students who are Afghan citizens currently living in Afghanistan, or who are living in any other countries as refugees. Please note, if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of another country other than Afghanistan, you are not qualified to apply through the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan. Please apply through the national committee where you are a citizen or have permanent residency.

Note that the application process this year will be conducted entirely online. This means you can apply from wherever.
Only applicants born between August 1, 2004, and August 15, 2008, are eligible to apply.
The application deadline is Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Kabul time. Late applications will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

The UWC National Committee of Afghanistan select candidates based on the following criteria: 

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation: You have a genuine urge to learn about the world around you. You can grasp a range of local and global issues, and have the ability to analyze them critically.
  • Active commitment: You can question, confront and reflect on the values of yourself, your family and your community. You are able to act your beliefs responsibly, and with courage.
  • Social competence: You can make contact with others, work together, and interact respectfully. You can express yourself in different situations, to different people, and achieve solutions together.
  • Resilience, personal responsibility and integrity: You can look after yourself physically and emotionally during challenging situations. You are motivated to adhere to UWC’s principles, and have a sense of humility and a willingness to listen.
  • Motivation: You have a passion and ability to contribute to UWC, and actively promote its values.

To learn more about UWC selection criteria and UWC values, please visit uwc.org.



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