Registered Afghan refugees among hundreds arrested in police crackdown in south Pakistan

Registered Afghan refugees among hundreds arrested in police crackdown in south Pakistan

افغان‌های ثبت‌نام شده در میان صدها نفری که در یک عملیات پلیس در جنوب پاکستان دستگیر شدند

عملیات در برابر افغانی‌ها روز شنبه پس از نفوذ مسلحانه از افغانستان به منطقه چیترال آغاز شد.

پلیس اقرار به دستگیری 293 نفر کرده است، در حالی که یک دیپلمات افغانی وقت می‌خواهد تا ساکنان غیرقانونی به وطن خود بازگردند.

کراچی: پلیس در شهر بندر کراچی جنوبی پاکستان در چند روز گذشته صدها افغانی را به اتهام سکونت غیرقانونی در کشور دستگیر کرده است، اما یک دیپلمات برجسته افغانستان و فعال حقوق بشر می‌گویند بسیاری از افراد دستگیر شده مدارک معتبر داشته‌اند.

مقامات پاکستانی عملیات را روز شنبه شروع کردند، برخی حدس می‌زنند که این به علت نفوذ گزارش‌شده تروریست‌ها از افغانستان به منطقه چیترال پاکستان بوده است، جایی که چهار نیروی امنیتی در یک درگیری روز پنج‌شنبه کشته شدند.

بر اساس اطلاعات سخنگوی پلیس کراچی، 293 افغانی در طول سه روزه عملیات تحت قانون خارجی‌ها ثبت شده‌اند.

مونیزا کاکر، وکیل و فعال حقوق بشر، نسبت به دستگیری‌ها نگرانی‌ها را ابراز کرد و گفته است پلیس افغان‌های پناهنده را دستگیر کرده و کارت‌های ثبت و اثبات آن‌ها را مصادره کرده‌اند.

کالا خان، پناهنده افغانی متولد شده در مسلم باغ، بلوچستان، گفته است او به مدت 35 سال در کراچی زندگی کرده است، اما او با وجود داشتن کارت‌های ثبت و اثبات، دستگیر شده است.

جبار، کنسول عمومی افغانستان در کراچی، می‌گوید دفتر وی نسبت به مسئله نگرانی‌های خود را به مقامات پاکستان اطلاع داده است.

وقتی با مومتاز زهرا بلوچ، سخنگوی وزارت خارجه تماس گرفته شد، پیشنهاد داده شد تا برای پاسخ رسمی با وزارت کشور تماس بگیریم. با این حال، وزیر امور داخله موقت، سرفراز بوگتی، به درخواست‌ها پاسخ نداد.


Registered Afghan refugees among hundreds arrested in police crackdown in south Pakistan
The crackdown on Afghan nationals began on Saturday following militant infiltration from Afghanistan into Chitral district
Police have acknowledged making 293 arrests, as an Afghan diplomat seeks time for unlawful inhabitants to return home
KARACHI: Police in Pakistan’s southern Karachi port city have arrested hundreds of Afghan nationals in the last few days for allegedly residing unlawfully in the country, though a senior diplomat from Afghanistan and a human rights activist have said that many of those apprehended possessed valid documents.
Pakistani authorities initiated the crackdown on Saturday, making some speculate it was in response to reported militant infiltration from Afghanistan into the country’s Chitral district where four security personnel were killed in a gunbattle that took place on Thursday. The incident prompted Pakistan to issue a demarche to the Afghan charge d’affaires in Islamabad to lodge “strong protest over the incident.”
According to a spokesperson for the Karachi police, 293 Afghan nationals were booked under the Foreigners Act during the three-day crackdown.
Moniza Kakar, a lawyer and human rights activist, took to social media to voice concerns, saying that Afghan refugees had been arrested by the police who also confiscated their proof of registration (PoR) cards.
“Alarming situation in Karachi as 150+ Afghan refugees, many registered, face arrests with reported confiscation of their registration cards by police,” she wrote on X messaging platform. “Mass arrests of Afghan refugees in Karachi is based on their racial profiling. Urgent action needed to protect refugees’ rights.”

Kala Khan, an Afghan refugee born in Muslim Bagh, Balochistan, said he had been living in Karachi for the past 35 years, but he was arrested, along with eight others, despite being in possession of the PoR cards.
“The police took copies of our PoR cards and registered a case against us,” he told Arab News while he was brought to the court on Tuesday. “They demanded a bribe, and as we were unable to provide it, they proceeded with the case, taking our cards from us.”
The Karachi police spokesperson and SSP East Irfan Bahadur did not respond to the request for a comment related to the allegation.
Syed Abdul Jabbar, Consul General of Afghanistan in Karachi, said his office had formally communicated its concern to Pakistani authorities.
“When we contacted the federal authorities in Islamabad and provincial authorities in Sindh, they assured us that no registered Afghan refugees would be arrested,” he continued. “However, the police are continuously arresting registered Afghan refugees.”
Jabbar urged Pakistani authorities not to arrest registered Afghan refugees, adding: “Those who don’t possess document should be given time to travel back to their country.”
When contacted, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the foreign ministry spokesperson, suggested contacting the interior ministry for an official response. However, the caretaker interior minister, Sarfraz Bugti, did not respond to requests for a comment.

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