Internship at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Internship at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

دوره کارآموزی در انستیتوت رائول والنبرگ

بخش ارتباطات به دنبال دو کارآموز تمام وقت برای فصل خزان 2023 (آگست-دسامبر) می باشد. کارآموزان در دفتر لوند سویدن کار خواهند کرد.

روش درخواست: برای درخواست، لطفاً انگیزه نامه کوتاه، رزومه خود و نمونه نوشتاری کوتاه را به (  مدیر ارتباطات ارسال کنید.

آخرین مهلت برای درخواست: 20 جون 2023


Summary: The Communications Department is looking for two full-time interns for the fall term of 2023 (August-December). The interns will work in our office in Lund.  

Tasks: Under the supervision of the Director of Communications, you will: 

  • Provide support and be assigned tasks contributing to the overall work of the Communications Unit, which includes supporting the departments Research & Education as well as the International Programmes  
  • Write and publish news articles, blog posts, and more about our work for our website and our intranet, as well as for our newsletter  
  • Create graphical design content in Canva, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop 
  • Create videos: create storyboards and videos  
  • Create podcasts: interview our partners, lecturers and edit as well as publish the podcasts 
  • Write and publish updates for our Social Media channels: mainly Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube 
  • Document (text and photo) events, such as lectures and seminars and film festival events. 
  • Participate in the planning and execution of events (film festival and more) 
  • Assist in planning content (social media content calendar and more) 

Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria: 

We prefer that you are enrolled in a university and do this internship as part of your degree, as the internship is unpaid. 

– Fluent in English
– Well-organised and self-motivated with excellent writing skills
– Good know-how of social media, and be able to work in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment
– Flexible and able to take on initiatives
– Perhaps some experience with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop or interested in learning
– University students within journalism/communication/media programmes, as well as law/human rights/political science programmes are encouraged to apply 

  • Application procedure: To apply, please send a short letter of motivation, your CV, and short writing sample to ( Director of Communications.
  • Deadline to apply:20 June 2023

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