European Union Traineeships Program 2023 (Fully Funded)

European Union Traineeships Program 2023 (Fully Funded)

برنامه کارآموزی  2023 اتحادیه اروپا (با بودجه کامل)

جزئیات برنامه:

کشور میزبان: بروکسل یا کشورهای اتحادیه اروپا

ارائه شده توسط: کمیسیون اروپا

مدت زمان: 5 ماه

نوع تأمین مالی: کاملاً تأمین شده

کشورهای واجد شرایط: همه

مزایای برنامه:

کمک هزینه ماهانه 1300 یورو برای کارآموزان؛

هزینه های ویزا؛

پرداخت هزینه های پزشکی؛

هزینه های سفر.

مهلت درخواست:

31 جنوری 2023، ساعت 12:00 بعد از ظهر

European Union Traineeships Program 2023 Details:

  • Host Country: Brussels or the European Union Countries
  • Offered By: European Commission
  • Duration: 5-Months
  • Funding Type: Fully-Funded
  • Eligible Countries: All

Benefits of the EU Traineeships Program 2023:

  • Monthly stipend of 1300 euros for the trainees;
  • Visa expenses;
  • Payment of medical costs;
  • Travel expenditures.

Other benefits:

  • Gain practical experience in field of study which they are studying
  • Learn about EU policies and decision-making processes
  • Open doors to future employment opportunities
  • Develop skills
  • Expand professional networks

Eligibility Criteria for EU Traineeships Program 2023:

European Union Traineeships Program 2023 is open to all candidates who meet following eligibility criteria:

  • Education: Candidate should have completed minimum 3 years of the higher education, or have equivalent qualifications.
  • Language: Applicant must have good knowledge of minimum 2 EU official languages, one of which must be language of host institution.
  • Mobility: Candidate should not have already completed traineeship in institution where they are applying for.
  • Health: Candidate must be in good health & able to undertake duties of traineeship.

Application Deadline:

Application deadline to apply for European Commission’s Blue Book Traineeship Program is 31st January 2023, 12:00 pm.


How to apply for EU Traineeships Program 2023?

  1. Meet required criteria: It is necessary to check specific eligibility criteria for traineeship you are interested in. As some institutions can have additional requirements.
  2. Create your profile on European Commission Service website: First step in applying for program is to create a profile on EU website. This is the place where you will submit your application form and keep track of status of your application.
  3. Submit your application form through online application system: Once you have created your profile on the website, you can begin application process. You will need to provide some of your personal information, such as your contact details and your educational qualifications. You will also can be asked to upload your CV and your cover letter in language of institution or the agency you are applying to. It is necessary to attach your CV and the cover letter to specific traineeship you are applying for, highlighting your relevant skills and experience.
  4. Wait for results: After interview, institution or agency will make decision and inform you of outcome.

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